Friday, May 04, 2007

Upgrading Ubuntu from Edgy to Feisty

Last week I upgraded my my Ubuntu installation from Edgy to Feisty. I had been playing around quite a bit to get Compiz and Beryl to work whithout much luck on Edgy. Some time ago I also tried to install the beta of Feisty, but i could not get my Radeon X1800 card working properly, the desktop was a mess. Anyways, I am occasionally using the Synaptic package manager, and not to long ago it asked me if I wanted to upgrade from Edgy Eft, which is 6.10 to Feisty running on 7.0.4. Apart from a few new tools, more adequate support for restricted drivers, like my ATI -card and build-in support for Compiz and Beryl, I was tempted to give it a go.

I have had my Dual screen desktop running 2 x 22" screen monitors running with pristine colors for some time, but withould 3D effects. After upgrading however, I could just see that it was not working properly. It did not render fonts properly in the dual heda mode, but as working fine when using just one monitor. Disappointing, I was really looking forward to getting Compiz and Beryl up and running, instead I was actuallu set back to start. Now I am waiting for the system to download all updates after I reinstalled the entire system from scratch.

So if you are using an ATI Radon X1800/1900 card, do not upgrade to Feisty if you are using a dual-head configuration on you displays. Now I have been wise enough to configure a separate partition where I can engage myself in a feasibility study before I actually see if it is working.

Anyways, after switching from XP 64, which did not work at all!! I am very satisfied with my Ubuntu distro, I really want to recommend it.